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The Need

Our students in their final year of study, like their counterparts in other pharmacy schools, have great need for clinical experience, which is one of the major components of their curriculum for the year. Other more advantaged and better located schools have easy access to their Teaching Hospitals. This is however, a problem for UNN Pharmacy School because our Teaching Hospital is situated at Ituku Ozalla, some hundreds of kilometers from Nsukka. The Pharmacists Council of Nigeria still insists that our students must be having trainings at the Teaching Hospital. The Board of the Teaching Hospital as well as the Provost of the College of Medicine have graciously made space for Pharmacy students to train at the Teaching Hospital. There is therefore the urgent need to secure a functional 32-seater bus or two, to help in conveying our students to and fro the Teaching Hospital at Ituku Ozalla.

Cost Implication

Cost of One Toyota Coaster Bus: N8,000,000