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The Locomotive Structure

We are the working force behind the scenes. We work hard to keep UNNPAA moving

Andrewphilip Mgbam


MGBAM, Andrewphilip is the Owner and pharmacy manager of Orlandcare pharmacy and medical supply. He holds a bachelor's degree in pharmacy from the University of Nigeria Nsukka (class of 86) and master’s in business administration (MBA). He is an ordained Christian minister. His personality, education, training and experience make him a huge asset for a non-profit organization like UNNPAA.

I love to help my alma mater. UNNPAA is a moving force that demands change to University of Nigeria

Chinyelu Umeano


Dr. Chinyelu (Chinny) B. Umeano Pharm.D ; BCACP is a board certified ambulatory pharmacist. She received her Pharm. D degree from university of Georgia after graduating from University of Nigeria Nsukka as a Pharmacist with B. Pharm degree in 1985. She relocated to the USA in 1994 and practiced for several years as a retail pharmacist, then transitioned to hospital practice after her Pharm. D program. Chinyelu has served as a pharmacist in several capacities from being the Pharmacist Manager at Walgreens for several years and currently working as a PRN pharmacist with them. She joined the veteran health administration (VHA) in 2009 at Charlie Norwood VA Medical center as an outpatient program manager. Her current role is Clinical Pharmacist inpatient.

Patience is a virtue. Lets rebuild our alma mater, one brick at a time

Nkiru Laura Mbionwu


Dr. Nkiru Laura Mbionwu Pharm D, BCSCP is the Operations Manager at AdventHealth East Orlando and board-certified Sterile Compounding pharmacist. Prior to this role, she was the Pharmacist in Charge and worked as a clinical staff pharmacist for several years. Dr. Mbionwu holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy (with Honors) degree from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria (class of 92) and a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Florida, Gainesville. Dr. Mbionwu has been with AdventHealth (formerly known as Florida Hospital) for 20years and serves as a preceptor for pharmacy residents, IPPE and APPE students in the area of general medicine and pharmacy hospital practice, providing hands-on practice experiences involving patient care and hospital pharmacy operations. Dr Mbionwu volunteers as the treasurer of UNNPAA and her duties include record keeping, reporting of the association’s finances and custodian of association’s properties.

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